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JFFS2 Dump utility. Given a JFFS2 image in Big Endian Byte Order has to be converted to little Endian Byte-Order At first you need the mtd-utils package installed on your Linux Box. You may need to fix some sporadic strange errors about Wrong bitmask at offset 0x0. #define PROGRAM_NAME "jffs2dump". #include. #include. #include. #include. #include. #include. This question is rather old but I give an answer for others having trouble with this tool too. I can confirm that jffs2dump - my version of mtd-tools.

apt-get install mtd-utils jffs2dump -b -c -r -e nhanlucmekong.info nhanlucmekong.info Note: The '-r' was critical and none of the Google hits I found on this topic. From: Timo Juhani Lindfors $ help2man /usr/sbin/jffs2dump | man /dev/stdin currently creates badly formatted output like -b --bigendian. Update of /home/cvs/mtd/util In directory nhanlucmekong.info:/tmp/cvs- serv Modified Files: jffs2dump.c Log Message: initialize.

From: Timo Juhani Lindfors $ help2man /usr/sbin/ jffs2dump | man /dev/stdin currently creates badly formatted output like. when using jffs2dump to change the endianness of a file system (in my case from BigEndian for a Renesas board to LittleEndian on intel). /usr/sbin/ftl_format /usr/sbin/jffs2dump /usr/sbin/jffs2reader /usr/sbin/nhanlucmekong.info2 / usr/sbin/nhanlucmekong.info /usr/sbin/mtd_debug /usr/sbin/mtdinfo /usr/sbin/nanddump. dumpjffs2.c; *; * Copyright (C) Thomas Gleixner ([email protected]); *; * $Id : jffs2dump.c,v /09/26 havasi Exp $; *; * This program is free.